Dear colleagues,

We invite you to take part in the в Х International Congress «Topical Areas of the Modern Cardio-Thoracic Surgery», that will take place in hybrid format in Saint Petersburg on 17−19 June, 2021:

The agenda of the Congress will cover the most topical issues of cardio, vascular, and thoracic surgery, infections in surgery, anaesthesiology, use of modern imaging techniques in cardio-thoracic practice, review of difficult and atypical cases in surgery, master-classes to master the manual skills using bio-material. The congress is striving to unite the best cardio-thoracic surgeons and representatives of adjacent disciplines, and it definitely will help improve the quality of medical care for the Russian population.


Venue: Russia, St Petersburg, Ligovskiy Pr., nos. 2−4, front door, 2nd floor, Conference Room and Scientific Board Room